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Partial Local Multiple Alignements (PLMA)


Advice : reduce the redundancy in your set of sequences, for example use the program decrease redundancy at Expasy.

Upload your sequences file (FASTA)

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Sequence type : Proteins    DNA     DNA (with coding regions)  

Paloma parameters

Fragments similarity threshold


Minimum fragments size

Maximal fragments size


Import a PLMA file

PLMA file   


(minimum number of sequences per block)
default 3/3, 2/3, 1/3 of the sequences     user defined quorum list (separated by commas)

Advanced parameters :

  Identification and generalization of position wrt physico-chemical properties

Use predefined amino-acid group           or user defined  

Likelihood thresholds for generalization (1 : no generalization, 0 : forced generalization)

   to a group , g : 

   to a wilcard (when a generalization to group failed) , s : 

Data examples

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